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  All the way through trials and hardships, after Chunhua Qiushi. More than half a century, several generations of Yaohua people have always been distracted, chasing lofty goals and ideals, for the Chinese composite material industry development silent dedication.

  With the completion of the relocation and renovation project, the company has entered a new stage of development, the transformation of the growth mode, the integration of superior resources, the promotion of technological innovation, management level, will significantly enhance the company's competitive strength.

  Service customers, contributing to society. We will strive to make the company continue to be advanced technology, product reliability, service in place, the value of the composite material industry leader. We invite all colleagues committed to the development of composite materials industry in China Chester, to promote the development of this sunrise industry, continue to cooperate in good faith, create brilliant. Chairman of the Board: Fu Xiujun

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